Is this the end of Summer?

In a regular year, we would start to see August as the end of Summer, some of us looking forward to a holiday while others looking to get the children back to school in September. This year hasn't quite gone to plan so if like us you might be thinking I am not quite done with Summer yet and starting to feel like you are making plans and getting into a more normal rhythm. Doug says 'I am exhausted... this has been one long summer for us but that does mean our plants here and gardens at home are looking the best they have ever been, that is one positive to come out of this year.'

The children are on still on school holiday which has felt like a lifetime this year, your lawns are hopefully being used more than ever, and if you have been following our advice each money there is plenty of delicious fruit and veg to fill your tummy. If you’re one of the lucky few to be planning a holiday in August then don't forget to prepare, we don't want all that hard work for nothing upon your return.

Let's not take our eye off the ball

As we mentioned there are many thinking (or dreaming) of a holiday this year however now is not the time to take your eyes of the ball. All that hard work must show for something. Our tops tips this month include;

  1. Prune all summer flowering shrubs once the blooms are finished.
  2. Top up ponds and birdbaths regularly.
  3. Water camellias and rhododendrons thoroughly this month to make sure that next year's buds develop well.
  4. Water fruit and veg plants daily. Please do not forget this.

You have laid the groundwork, lets keep going.

Create your own PYO

This summer we are looking for activities to keep us busy so if you have been busy harvesting fruit and berries all year long now is a great time to pick them. Kill two birds with one stone and get the kids to pick their own and harvest your crops at the same time. In the meantime we have a few little tips that go a long way;

  1. Prune the fruited stems of your blackcurrant bushes after harvesting.
  2. Tidy up berry plants and remove any old hay or straw from around the plants to improve ventilation.
  3. Harvest your fruit trees, get the kids to do the hard work...
  4. If you are inundated with autumn raspberries, blackberries, and loganberries, freeze them on trays for a couple of hours and then bag them up to use over winter. You can even use them for smoothies.

Show Stopper Plants for August...

If you’re after some well needed colour in your garden this August then here are our top 4 favourites.