The weather is set to be a scorcher this weekend! So it makes perfect sense to fire up the smoker and cook a delicious dinner to eat in the garden. A firm favourite from BBQ lovers are Pork Baby Back Ribs. It’s fun to cook and the results can be amazing, so that’s what we’re going to show you today.

Let your meat get to room temperature. Peel off the membrane from the back of the meat using a pallet knife or your fingers and a paper towel.

Drizzle in oil and season with a rub of your choice on both sides. We have gone for the classic Salt & Pepper here.

Set your grill to 150C and place the meat on (bone-facing down)

This in particular piece of meat took around 4 hours. We recommend you cook until the internal temperature reaches 90C. A good test is to stick a toothpick into the meat and if it slides into the meat like butter then its ready.

Take the meat off and let it rest for 15 minutes, this is important to let it breathe. You might not be able to resist but hold off, you'll thank you. While resting you can prep the rest. Perfect with some crispy fries and slaw this is a fan favourite with the whole family. It should be juicy enough however lashings of BBQ sauce are always welcome.

Don’t forget to send us your pictures and let us know how you got on.