Beef Short Ribs

An absolute BBQ Classic! Beef ribs are an iconic dish to Low and Slow BBQ food as we know it. They can seem quite daunting but we’re going to show you how to create the most tender and juiciest beef ribs you’ve ever had.

Cooking Time –  6 Hours +


What you’ll need

Rack of Beef Ribs

Seasoning/rub of your choice

Oil (Preferably Rapeseed)

Butter (unsalted)

Apple Juice (water, beer or apple cider vinegar will work too)

Butcher Paper

Step 1 – Cut any loose fat or silver skin off the meat.

Step 2 - Cover in oil and season liberally with a rub of your choice. This is going to cook for a long time and it’s a lot of meat so feel free to go a bit heavier on the rub than normal.

Step 3 - Place on the smoker at around 125C – 135C. You can cook on a lower temperature, but we feel this is the optimum heat to render the fat down perfectly.

Step 4 - Spray every hour with apple juice (especially the areas where the meat looks like it’s starting to dry up.

Step 5 – Line a few chunks of butter onto butcher paper and place the meat face down on top. Then tightly wrap the meat in the Butcher paper. Then place back on the smoker.

Step 6 - Keep checking the meat by poking it with a temperature probe or a toothpick. It should feel like your poking butter when it's done, If not then leave it on a little longer. This normally happens around the 90C -95C mark but it can vary massively.

Step 7 -  Once you feel the ribs are tender enough, take them off and let them rest for anything between 1-3 hours to allow the juices to soak back into the meat.

You can serve your ribs with a good BBQ sauce and some classic sides like Fries, Coleslaw, Corn on the cob or a salad.

Check out our full video online and let us know how your cook went and what you would do differently next time.