It’s time to get the grill on for a low and slow cook.  We’re taking on one of the top tier dishes… Beef Ribs. It’s ability to bark with it’s fall off the bone tenderness makes a firm favourite for Pitmasters.

If you’re a beginner this is going to be perfect for you as it’s simple and easy. So, get your BBQ on and meat at the ready and join us for some top-quality BBQ.

Step 1

The ribs should be ready to season without any trimming or cutting required. Drizzle a small layer of olive oil so allow the seasoning to stick. Then use a basic 50/50 salt and pepper seasoning known as “Franklin Style”. Make sure you cover every part of the meat.

Set the grill to between 130c - 140c and place the ribs on and close. Leave for around 8 hours. This is a very low maintenance cook so you don’t need to wrap or check on it too often.

Step 2

After 8 hours it should have a beautiful bark covering the meat and should be very tender almost ready to fall off the bone. Take it off and leave it to stand for 30 minutes. This is essential to allow the meat to relax and refrain from remaining tight.

Step 3

The best step! Slice in to your ribs and take that first taste. The meat should slide straight of the bone.

You’re done! This is one of our favourite meats to cook. Its simple and great for people who are new to outdoor cooking. Let us know how it went and send us your pictures. Don’t forget to check out some of our other recipes and let us know what you want us to cook.