A sneak peak into this years Christmas Wonderland...

The Christmas Grotto is set to open this Saturday, and the entire team is collaborating seamlessly for the final push to meet the deadline. As is tradition, there will be fresh themes incorporated into the enchanting trail of Santa's wonderland. Below are some images from a couple of them. Can you make any guesses about the new themes? Our Instagram reels which can be found here, showcase some live footage of the much anticipated themes!

18/11/2023 - 24/12/2023

My First Christmas (baby aged under 1) - £9.25

 Child - From £21.00

Adult - £6.00

Family Ticket - From £52.00

It’s that time of year again when we open our doors and welcome you to our amazing Santa’s Christmas Wonderland 2023. Get your tickets today!

We invite you to take a fascinating walk through our fun filled and adventurous Christmas Wonderland…


To begin the festive experience, you will start by watching a short, animated film to get you into the Christmas spirit, and from here your journey will begin. Each room features a different theme to take you through an adventure of magic and wonder. You’ll be lucky enough to privately visit Father Christmas in his own cosy cabin, where himself and his very own group of elves will be checking your name twice on the gift list. You and your child will be given a magical ticket which will allow you to step inside Father Christmas’ workshop. The elves have been busy at work over the past year, making a whole new batch of toys, and your child will be able to select any present they like!

By creating an account at checkout, if you are unable to make your original booking, you will be able to rearrange your tickets. Tickets will not be refunded if you cannot make the original date of your booking, but if you create an account, you will be able to change this (dependant on availability). If you do not create an account, then you will be unable to change the date and time of your booking once the transaction is completed.  



The bedding house, as you would have recently seen it, was full of vibrant plants, hanging baskets and flowers… and it’s crazy to think that everything that belonged in there over the spring/summer months has now gone. It’s only August!

From a brainstorm of ideas, themes and colour schemes, the vision of the Christmas Wonderland is brought to life yearly, by a team of individuals who creatively thrive. It all starts at the beginning of the year (just after the previous Christmas has ended), worked upon for months and then implemented mid-year by a wonderful and proactive group of staff. The elves have already been busy at work emptying it, just to refill it with boxes full of Christmas decorations, props, life sized people and houses.

We would all love to know where Santa hides throughout the year with his sleigh, reindeers and presents… that I think, will always be a secret. What I am sure of though, is that he promises to be here on the 18th November until the 24th December and he would love to see you all, to spread the love of Christmas and to send you on your way with a present in hand. ­

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