Beer Can Chicken

We all love chicken for dinner. But we’re all guilty of sometimes overcooking it and drying it out slightly. Fear not! We have a solution for you to maintain optimum moistness. Beer Can Chicken is a very simple cook to take on and we’re going to show you how…

Cook time – 1 Hour


What you’ll need

A Chicken

Cooking Oil (Preferably Rapeseed)

Seasoning of your choice

Can of Beer

Temperature probe

Step 1 – Cover the chicken in oil thoroughly, this will allow your rub to stick.

Step 2 – Add your choice of seasoning all over the bird. Make sure you cover every part of the bird.

Step 3 – Allow the rub to soak into the chicken. At least 15 minutes is good. While this is happening set your grill to 180C.

Step 4 – Pour half of the beer out of the can then place the chicken on the can through the cavity then place on the grill.

Step 5 -  Once you reach an internal temperature of around 68C, take the chicken off the BBQ and let it rest for 10-15 minutes. Normally chicken is cooked to 75C but during the rest it will continue to cook meaning it’s at perfect temp for eating and for retaining moisture.

Once your chicken has rested it will be ready to eat. Be careful when removing the can as it will be hot and the liquid pours out of the cavity. Don’t forget as always, let us know how yours went.