We know the weather can be temperamental in this country however when we get one of those warm summer evenings there really is nothing better, so much so that we don’t want to go inside.

Therefore, outdoor heating is essential to enjoy those warm evenings for even longer. We have a full range of heaters with a wide variety to suit all preferences.

We have compiled our favourites and just which one will fit perfectly in your garden at home.

Kadai Fire Bowl Kit - For those looking to add to your outdoor furniture set 

Key Features

- Not just for heating but also for those that love cooking

- Reach high temperatures with wood or kindling.

- These beautiful and functional barbecue fire bowls are handmade from recycled oil drums by family workshops in India.

Versatility at its best, Kadais come with a High Stand for barbecuing and a Low Stand for use as a fire bowl, by simply transferring from one stand to another. Ideal for anyone looking for a safe, sturdy fire bowl for gathering around in the garden, toasting some marshmallows, or go one better and cook with the included grill.

We know how chilly the evenings can get but that warm glow is perfect all year round, the design of the firepit allows access to the heat source all the way round, so nobody is being left out.

The whole kit comes with one fire pit, high & low stands, Holi grill, Kadai Beads, Tongs, Brush & fitted Filter, everything you need in one kit. Available in 3 different sizes.

NOVA Apollo 3kW Free Standing Electric Patio Heater - For those looking for that modern, no-hassle heating. 

Key Features

 - Stunning Design

- 3kW Electric Powered Freestanding Heater

- Plug in and it's ready to use

 - Multiple Heat Settings for ultimate control

The modern, sleek black outdoor heater is for those looking for full control and minimal effort. The Apollo Free Standing Heater is kitted with LED light system, locking features, remote control, tilting neck and more.

We know that everyone likes their temperature a little differently which is why complete control and flexibility are just what you will be looking for. The patio heater also comes with tip over technology which means if it is knocked over it will turn off for extra safety.

The patio heater has been designed to be weatherproof, so you won’t be worrying for a bit of light drizzle. The heater does come with a high-quality PVC-backed polyester cover though which is recommended when the heater is not in use.

ENJOi Kulu Fire Pit Table - For those looking to add to your outdoor furniture set 

Key Features

 - Beautiful Aluminium frame

- Gas-powered fire pit

 - Functional and can be used individually or as part of an existing furniture set.

Don't sacrifice table space for style with this Kulu Fire Pit table from ENJOi. Specifically designed with you in mind. For those looking for outside heating that can comfortably sit within an existing furniture set, this is the option for you.

The firepit is gas-powered, and the table has a space underneath for the gas bottle to slot into so the hose doesn’t become a tripping hazard. It also comes with a glass frame wind guard and glass pebbles for the firepit, offering both aesthetics and function in one.

La Hacienda Leaves Fire Globe - For those looking for that something a little more authentic

Key Features

 - Wood-based heater with a beautiful design 

- Durable steel construction

 - Use as a heat source to toast in the garden

Nothing is more relaxing than sitting listening to the sound and crackles of the firewood and logs in your garden. Whether you are having evening drinks or gathering around at the weekend the fire pit is the perfect opportunity to extend the time spent together and enjoy the outdoors.

For those looking for that authentic wood fire with something a little more modern, the Leaves Fire Globe is ideal.  The pit has been specifically designed to allow air flow and ensure large flames can keep the whole family warm.

This fire globe not only gives off a relaxing glow but 360 degrees of heat.


Does it matter what type of wood I burn in my outdoor firepit?

We recommended that you burn dry, seasoned hardwood in any wood-burning outdoor firepit. Dry, well-seasoned hardwoods will burn hotter, more completely, and create less smoke. Nobody wants to sit in the garden with a cloud of smoke

How safe is my heater to use?

No matter which type of firepit suits you and your family rest assured we only purchase firepits with certified guarantees and all firepits and heaters come with an instruction manual.

I don't know which type of heater is right for me?

It can be a tricky decision and there is no wrong answer. Many customers enjoy having a mixture of heaters or firepits in their garden depending on the time of year or their garden layout. If you are local to Chessington Garden Centre and can visit the store, you are welcome to browse and see the range for yourself. Otherwise, take the time to peruse the heaters we have on offer and have it delivered direct to your door, no hassle at all.

If you do have any questions or like any of the heaters we have picked out then don’t hesitate to get in touch - our friendly team is here to help.