The countdown to our favourite time of year has begun with Christmas just around the corner. Here at Chessington Garden Centre we know both you and your children cannot wait to start with your festive decorations. Whether or not your home will be welcomed by the addition of a real Christmas tree or your much-loved artificial tree, why not follow these simple steps as inspiration for your own dressing of your tree to ensure it is looking its best for your perfect Christmas.

Step 1: Choosing your Christmas Tree

When choosing your tree, bear in mind where your tree will be positioned in your home as this will depend on the size and the height of the tree you choose. Here at Chessington Garden Centre we stock both artificial, pre lit and real Christmas Trees to suit all.

Step 2: Setting up your tree

If you have chosen on artificial tree, like us, your tree will need to be assembled. This process is straight forward and does not take too long. Start building your tree from the bottom, working your way up, slotting each branch into the base. Once your tree is fully assembled, start to fluff the branches to make your tree look fuller and to create its main structure.

Step 3: Setting up your tree lights

Make sure your tree is situated near a plug socket where you con plug your lights in easily. It is best to start wrapping your lights around the tree from the bottom working your way up to the top. We stock a large selection of lights in a variety of colours and sizes including warm white, cool white, blue and multi coloured. For a 6ft tree we recommend using a set of 180 lights/13.5 metres, this will give you good coverage, allowing plenty of light to illuminate your tree.

Step 4: Choosing your theme

This is the exciting part! With some many Christmas themes, styles and colours to choose from you can create your own Person.' theme for your tree. We stock a large variety Of Christmas themes from Traditional to Winter Sunset, Twilight to Fairy-tale; we have decorations to suit all tastes. We have chosen to decorate our tree with traditional colours and decorations.

Step 5: Hanging your decorations

Now is the time to hang up your chosen decorations and create your own work of art for your Christmas display. We have many different types of festive decorations to add to your tree from baubles, beads, ribbons and bows to many more wonderful additions.

Step 6: Finishing touches

Last but no means least, the most important stage of decorating a tree is hanging your tree topper, whether you choose to hang a shiny star or beautiful angel there are bound to be quarrels over who gets to add the finishing touch! Once your tree is complete and ready for Christmas, sit back and enjoy all your hard work and effort and wait for the arrival of presents left under the tree from Santa! Don't forget to leave milk and cookies by your tree on Christmas Eve.