Build the foundations

We think when it comes to Barbecue the key is to think outside the box. If that means we go for a low and slow on a great piece of meat with some adventurous seasoning or think of something completely different. Well, this one is not brand new but it is something you can adapt to make your own and that’s what we have done. Beer Can Burger holds no limits to its flavour and anybody can do it, its very simple and the results are fantastic.

One of our favourite parts of making these American Classics is getting to mould the burger and getting stuck in. Take a generous serving of mincemeat preferably with 20% fat. Roll it into a ball and push a beer can down on it and wrap it around the can making a cup-like shape. 

Wrap the meat in streaky bacon and take the can out leaving a hole in the middle to fill.


Choose your filling

Beer can burgers can be complete to your taste and that is the beauty of them. There are som many brilliant variations and fillings that we like to use and will leave your friends and family wanting to try at home. Honestly just fill burger with anything you like. We have gone with chorizo and plenty of cheese here (chorizo makes everything better in our opinion) Make sure any meat going into the filling is pre-cooked and left to cool.

Fill the top with cheese, sealing the inside off and place on the grill at around 180C.

Time to Eat

Once cooked through take-off and cut through the middle. This will be very hot inside so let it stand for 5-10 minutes and enjoy. Now it's time to enjoy all your hard work.  Slap the burger in the bun or eat as a stand-alone, they are really filling so it might be time to leave the bun this time around. 

Maybe accompany these mammoth burgers with some fries, chips, coleslaw, or potato salad. There really is no wrong way to enjoy this.

Don’t forget to send us your pictures and let us know how yours tasted. We want to know what you've been cooking on the grill!