Aquariums are a lovely addition any space, creating a lively focal point and a source of colour and entertainment as well as bringing a touch of nature into your home. Setting up a new aquarium is easier than it looks at first glance, simply follow our step by step guide to ensure it all goes swimmingly!

What you will need

  • Tank - complete with light and filter
  • Heater S temperature gauge (for tropical fish)
  • Gravel
  • Decoration
  • Water Testing Kit
  • Tap Safe & Quick Start
  • Fish of your choice

Step One

Before you start, decide where you want to put you aquarium. Remember that wherever you place it needs to be strong enough support its weight. Also bear in mind the temperature of the area as a constant temperature is important for your fish. Once your aquarium is full do not attempt to move it as this could lead to disaster.

Step Two

Before adding it to your tank ensure you rinse your gravel thoroughly, ideally use a sieve and rinse until the water runs clear or alternatively .ke handfuls of gravel and rinse using this method. Once all your gravel is cleaned place it into your tank carefully so as not to scratch the glass.

Step Three

Next add your water, you can use tap water at this stage or buy purified water from our Aquatic department. Pour your water in slowly so as not to isrupt your gravel. Once your tank is full you must add a de-chlorinator such as tap safe if using tap AMwater as this will remove damaging contaminants.

Step Four

Now is time to add any decorations and plants you have chosen however do not add live plants at this stage as there are little nutrients in the water, it is best to add your live plants a couple of weeks after adding fish. We also have a great selection of tank backgrounds to enhance your aquarium.

Step Five

If you are starting a tropical fish tank, you must now attach your hea.r and temperature gauge, ensure the heater you have selected is the correct size for - your tank.

Step Six

After at least 24 hours of running your tank now is the exciting time of choosing and adding your fish Be sure research the species of fish you choose to add and remember your tank can only support a certain number of fish per litre

Step Seven

Make sure you do not add all the fish at once as thi may cause your tank to become imbalanced, start with two or three fish. When adding your fish to your tank it is highly important to add quick start at the same time as this will help start the natural aquariu cycle. Once your fish have been added you must do a 10% water change every other day for one week and feed your fish on alternate days to your water change. Some of the best starter tropical fish include Platies and Mollies.

After Care

After a week it should be suitable to add a few more fish as your tank should be more stable, feed your fish sparingly over the first couple of weeks as they get used to their new surroundings. Your new aquarium should have fully stabilized by around 4 - 6 weeks and at this point your can add plants and new fish as you wish, ensuring you test your tank after adding anything new. You can now feed your fish on a regular schedule but make sure you do not over feed them! Make sure you regularly clean your tank and and your filter (however only wash your filter in your tank water as tap water will kill the good bacteria in your sponges).