A happy Garden = A happy Gardener

"May is such a busy time for gardeners we should really take advantage of the amount of time some of us are spending at home. In these strange times one thing remains constant, our gardens still need looking after"  - Angela continues, "If you have not already then now is the time to pull your socks up, get your hands dirty and get sowing, planting and potting! The sun is out and those April showers are becoming a little less frequent so there is really no excuse"

It's been national gardening week this week and we have been bringing you tips and hints for your garden but we thought why not treat you with a few more. Here are some ideas and projects you can be getting on with, we might aswell pass the time.

You need to start now if you have not not already, summer is around the corner, vegetables and flowers should be planted, seeds should be sown, and lawns should be given some tender loving care to ensure they are looking luscious and well-nourished for sunny days spent outdoors.

Angela continues - "My top tip to get started this May is plant up your outdoor pots and summer hanging baskets. Do remember to keep them in a greenhouse or porch for a few weeks to really establish themselves, before putting them outside.

Lets get Sowing

We caught up with Aaron to see what projects he could suggest for those isolating during this period. "I really to start sowing runner, dwarf and climbing French beans at this time of year, they don't cause you too much hassle and will flourish in a good amount of compost. I would also suggest that now the danger or frost has passed get those bedding plants down. Bedding plants such as Marigolds or Petunias are perfect this time of year. My two main bits of advice when bedding plants are concerned are to firstly dig over the ground before you plant, this is such a simple trick to ensure they are at their best for the summer months. Secondly give them a good thorough soak with water before planting"

Mow that lawn

Now you can't say we didn't warn you, we have been letting you know for a while now that this job needs doing and its not always an easy one with the typical English weather. Now really is the time to start mowing the lawn once a week. A nifty trick is to cut the lawn edges, its a handy way to keep the lawn neat if you are a little strapped for time.

Doug says "I hate mowing the lawn... but its a job that has to be done and when I have I always reward myself with an afternoon beer" (I think we can all sympathise with this) He continues, "Its not always the prettiest of jobs but like everything it needs to be done and is one of the most satisfying when its completed.

We have a whole new range of lawn care equipment on our website for those that might be looking at their rusty old lawnmower in the shed knowing it won't make it through another summer. 

Godetias (clarkia) -  for easy colour in your flower beds this summer

Dill - A brilliant plant for wildlife

Zinnias -  With warmth in the air, May is the time for a splash of summer colour.

Scabious - a real butterfly magnet