The cold and frosty mornings are well and truly here! We hope you are all settling into the New Year as best as you can despite the ongoing hardships. We understand how tough it’s been and hope we can help you once again through these tough times.
We are fortunate to be deemed an essential business by the government and with that in mind, we wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that we are very excited to announce that we will be re-opening on Saturday 16th of January. The beginning of the year is a key time to prepare your garden for the upcoming Spring. Now is the time to begin chitting potatoes, sowing those seeds and particularly tender those crops that need a longer season, such as Tomatoes, Chillies and Peppers. At a time when many may need to collect their thoughts, gardening and plants offer an escape which we actively encourage.
We have put together some helpful New Year Tips for both your inside and outside plants, take a look below.

Inside Hints and Tips


During the Winter your Cacti only needs watering when the soil is dry which can be as little as once every 2 weeks. It's remarkable how little water Cacti needs during these colder months. 🌵

Increase humidity and prevent drafts.

Indoor conditions can be dry and drafty. Keep plants away from heater vents, doorways and drafty windows.

Choose the right container.

 It is important to consider size, material and even colour (You need it to look good right)

Match plants with light conditions.

Houseplants vary in their light requirements. Some prefer the strong light found next to a south-facing window. Something to think about when placing them into their new home.


Rotate Succulents Frequently, don't forget about the little guys.


These are so easy to look after.  They require a low amount of light and water to thrive are typically known as indoor plants. 

Outside Jobs

Get your hands dirty

Roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. The weather might be on the turn and it's the best time to get ahead of the game.


Pansies are our go-to favourite. They always look lovely in any setting and are very hardy. They are also very versatile and will flower much longer than other bedding plants.


With large funnel-shaped flower and a long flowering season, this shrub is a popular choice for your garden.

Tidy those leaves

Sweep up those leaves and you'll see a garden transformation. It's the easiest and simplest way to bring life to your garden this January.

Turn the soil

Prepare the ground for early peas or parsnips Place a cloche over the soil this month, to help warm up the ground for a few weeks before sowing.


This hardy shrub thrives in full sunlight and will produce clusters of small, white flowers during the summer months.