Rain Rain Go Away

A little later than usual, we bring you Jobs in the Garden in October. If you are anything like us we've been longing for those hot long bright summer days, looking out the windows waiting for this rain to pass. We do however have jobs in the garden to crack on with and really shouldn't let a little bit of rain get in the way. We have pulled together some jobs to keep you busy this month, we know how busy the Christmas Period can be so getting a head start now makes all the difference.

The temperature has really dropped so it's key to many plants' lives that we act now. Aaron here reminds us that we should be 'Dividing perennials regularly to ensure you continue to get healthy, vigorous plants that will continue to perform year after year' It also offers the opportunity to multiply your plants which is fantastic for next season. You should also be thinking about moving those more tender, sensitive plants into a greenhouse if you can, we don't particularly being out in the cold and neither do they. If you don't have a greenhouse then try moving them to less frost-prone areas.

Last Chance Saloon

October tends to be the last realistic time many of us can get out and mow the lawn, with the cold and rain ramping up its important to get that final trim for the winter months. Getting out there and mowing the lawn is an important part of maintaining a healthy garden. The cutting height and mowing frequency will depend on the purpose and look you want to achieve.

We would also recommend trimming the hedges if possible, be careful for any nests or homes that wildlife may have created in them before doing so, we wouldn't want to rehome any garden wildlife just before a harsh winter. 

General Maintenance

Plant up spring pots If you haven't already planted some containers with spring colour, there's still time to plant now using bedding plants such as violas and wallflowers, plus spring-flowering bulbs.  Keep your pots in a sheltered spot, such as under a porch, to encourage blooms through the winter and to avoid plants rotting off in the winter wet. Cyclamen and ornamental cabbage are particularly vulnerable to rotting in damp conditions. You won't get masses of blooms during colder weather, but any milder spells should see a good show.

Show Stopper Plants for October...

If you’re after some advice on what you could be planting when the temperature drops this time of year, then here are our top 4 favourites.