As Summer has drawn to a close, we wanted to show you that this doesn’t mean your BBQ needs to be put away for the Winter, leave it out and make the most of the great food you can cook on it. Today we’re going for something a bit different! We’re going to show you how to cook a beautiful full Beef Shank. Expect this to feed plenty of mouths and to be eating it for lunch for the next few days.

1. Season the Beef with a rub of your choice. If possible, take the meat out early and allow it to reach room temperature and cover in oil to help the rub stick evenly. Be very generous with the rub to allow it to hold more flavour as some of it will be cooked off throughout the smoking process.

2. Set the grill to 140C and place the meat on for around 4 hours ensuring you get a beautiful looking bark.

3. Take the meat off the grill after 4 hours and wrap in butchers’ paper (Tinfoil works also for this). Then place it back on the grill for a further 4 hours until you reach an internal temp of 90C.

4. Leave to rest for a minimum of 30 minutes. This allows the juices to redistribute once the muscle fibres relax.

5. Carve meat and enjoy! perfect with some crispy Sunday roasties or even a warm soft bap with mustard. As we said this will feed the family for a week.

Don’t forget to tag us in the pictures of your finished product. 😊