One of the key focuses of Surrey Wildlife Trust is promoting biodiversity and encouraging people to create wildlife-friendly gardens. By providing expert advice and guidance, the trust helps homeowners and gardeners make informed choices about plant selections, sustainable gardening practices, and creating habitats that attract and support various species.

In addition to supporting Surrey Wildlife Trust's conservation work, Chessington Garden Centre will also host educational events and workshops led by the trust's experts. These events will cover topics such as identifying local flora and fauna, creating wildlife-friendly gardens, and understanding the importance of preserving Surrey's natural heritage.

Chessington Garden Centre is proud to announce a new partnership with Surrey Wildlife Trust, the county's leading nature conservation charity. This collaboration aims to promote environmental conservation and raise awareness about the importance of protecting local wildlife and habitats.

Surrey Wildlife Trust is a renowned organization dedicated to safeguarding Surrey's precious natural heritage. Established in 1959, the trust has been at the forefront of wildlife conservation efforts, managing over 80 nature reserves across the county. These reserves serve as vital havens for a wide range of species, including rare and endangered plants, birds, mammals, and insects.

Through this partnership, Chessington Garden Centre will support Surrey Wildlife Trust's various initiatives, such as habitat restoration projects, educational programs, and community engagement activities. Customers at the garden centre will have the opportunity to learn about the trust's work and explore ways to contribute to local conservation efforts.

By joining forces with Surrey Wildlife Trust, Chessington Garden Centre reaffirms its commitment to environmental sustainability and aims to inspire its customers to take an active role in protecting the local ecosystem. Together, they strive to create a greener and more biodiverse future for Surrey and its residents.

If you would like to find more information about them, follow the Surrey Wildlife Trust website. Throughout 2024, Chessington Garden Centre will host complimentary seminars and discussions that customers are welcome to attend. The first of these free talks is scheduled for May 29th, 2024.

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