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Updated Dog Policy

We understand and appreciate that there are a large number of regular customers who have felt let down that dogs are currently not allowed on site and we wanted to just explain our current situation and let customers know just why we have taken this decision.

When Covid-19 struck last year we took the decision to restrict access for dogs to the garden centre for a number of various factors. While we appreciate there is a large demand for dogs to return we wanted to clearly state our reasoning and why our current actions are in place.

Last year we took the decision to ban dogs firstly due to the fact that we were trying to limit the sheer numbers of people or bodies in store. This fell in line with limiting larger groups and asking customers to shop alone where possible. It did not seem right for us to allow additional pets when we were making an active and conscious effort to allow customers to shop with the space they require. 

Secondly and more unfortunately we had an issue prior to the pandemic last year that many of our dog-owning customers were allowing their dogs to foul within the garden centre grounds. While this may seem unbelievable to many owners of dogs who are perfectly behaved it was an issue that was facing us on a daily basis. This was always an issue and something we discussed on a regular basis on how to improve this situation. When the pandemic struck this was something we discussed again and was part of the decision to ban dogs at the time. How could we be expected to continue with rigorous cleaning rotas and improving sanitation around the site with this issue. Cleaning rotas are still in force to ensure customers feel safe when shopping with us and this will continue.

In March 2021 we have introduced an exciting and fantastic addition to the garden centre, our Sedum Farmshop. If you have recently visited and we hope you have you will have seen the addition of the Farmshop and the implementation of a one-way system along with this. We never allowed Dogs in the servery areas of the restaurant and this will continue. To add to this we would not allow dogs in our Farmshop area. With the addition of the new floor layout, it makes it very hard for customers to sit on our terrace and then return to order their food without leaving their dog. This is a logistical issue that we feel is important to get right before allowing customers back without the proper system in place. if you have visited you will see the current challenge, if you have not then it's worth considering on your next visit with us. 

We continue to ask for your patience on the matter and it is not something we have not put a lot of thought into. The time is not right for us at this moment but as soon as any changes were to come to fruition then we would, of course, inform customers right away.



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