Elevate your indoor and outdoor decor with these stunning trailing plants, injecting both volume and visual interest into your surroundings.

Why opt for Trailing Plants?

Trailing plants offer a grand statement, expanding your greenery display effortlessly. Their cascading foliage fills spaces gracefully, making them perfect for balconies, terraces, and indoor settings.

Balancing out container displays, their flowing foliage adds a charming touch. When in bloom, they create vibrant walls of colour, enticing bees with their delightful nectar.

Indoors, let these hanging plants adorn bookshelves, enliven walls, and brighten up dull corners.

Outdoor Pot Picks

Choose from an array of trailing plants to adorn your outdoor pots, window boxes, and hanging baskets. Whether you prefer flowers, foliage, or a combination, consider the seasonal interest and companions for a harmonious display.

Top Trailing Plants for Garden Containers:

Lobelia: Softening container displays with its tiny flowers, requiring minimal maintenance.

Fuchsia: Offering a spectrum of colours, flowering generously throughout the summer.

Petunia: Fast-growing and fragrant, ideal for container gardens.

Black Eyed Susan: A climbing vine, perfect for sunny gardens or conservatories.

Pansies: Cheerful blooms for winter and spring containers.

Verbena: Brightening up summer to autumn displays with its vivid flowers.

Ivy: Adding evergreen leaf colour to mixed winter pot displays.

Vinca: Providing flowers and evergreen foliage without overpowering your garden.

Sedum: Drought-resistant and rewarding with star-shaped blooms in summer.

Edible Trailing Plants for Pots

For those seeking both aesthetics and taste, these trailing plants offer the best of both worlds.

Edible Trailing Plant Picks:

Nasturtium: With edible flowers, leaves, and seeds, adding peppery zest to summer salads.

Tomato: Bush varieties ideal for hanging baskets, offering fresh snacks at your fingertips.

Strawberries: Beautiful and delicious, perfect for hanging baskets and patio pots.

Best Trailing Houseplants

Transform your indoor space into a lush jungle with these cascading varieties, perfect for hanging planters.

Top Trailing Houseplants:

String of Hearts: Producing cascades of heart-shaped leaves with pale pink stems.

Fishbone Cactus: Charismatic foliage with wavy, zig-zag patterns.

Peperomia: Cute miniature foliage, thriving in humid environments.

Tradescantia: Vibrant foliage in various colours, adding an exotic touch.

Tillandsia: Rootless air plants, thriving with regular misting.