Sedum Butchers

To craft your ideal Easter Sunday roast dinner, make a trip to the Sedum Butchers for all your requirements, where the team will be taking pre-orders for Easter meats. Kevin, Mark, and Ollie will be available to address any inquiries regarding meat selection. For additional assistance, read through this blog where we delve into choosing the right meat and the optimal cooking techniques.


Lamb is commonly chosen as a symbolic dish for Easter Sunday, largely due to the association of Jesus as the Lamb of God. In the Gospel of John, John the Baptist refers to Jesus as the sacrificial Lamb of God. Therefore, consuming lamb during Easter is considered a way to honour Jesus and the sacrifice he made.

When buying the ingredients for your roast Lamb, begin with the hero ingredient: the lamb leg! (If you prefer Lam Shoulder, opt for that) Invest in the best quality you can afford, as with wine, where higher prices often denote better quality. Additionally, consider the animal's quality of life, as it also influences the overall quality of the meat.


As you come together around the table for your Easter meal, it's often expected to see the classic leg of lamb. However, if you're looking to switch things up from the usual Easter menu, whether it's because of budget constraints, a preference for a lighter option, or a commitment to sustainability. 

There are also other ways you can use Chicken, also dependant on weather around this time of year. Some other recipes to think about are:

  • Spring one pot chicken
  • Roast chicken with salad and jacket potato
  • Lime and honey chicken wings or drumsticks 
  • Chicken, leek and ham hock pie
  • Spring chicken paella


During Easter festivities, certain individuals opt for beef as their meal of choice, and there are various ways to prepare it. One popular method, especially during celebratory occasions, involves wrapping beef in pastry to create a dish famously known as beef Wellington. If you visit a butcher, they can offer advice on cooking it perfectly. Additionally, some people commence their Easter celebrations earlier, such as on Good Friday evening. If you're seeking a delicious meal to start off the four-day weekend, enjoying a steak dinner is always a fantastic option. You can select from a variety of cuts including rump, sirloin, fillet, and ribeye at the butcher's counter.