Maintaining your garden furniture, whether it's crafted from wood, rattan, or metal, ensures longevity and enduring comfort. Here are some essential tips to keep your outdoor set looking pristine for years to come.

Cleaning Wood Furniture:

To remove algae and lichen build-up, use hot soapy water and a stiff brush for scrubbing. For hardwoods like acacia or teak, consider using a specialized cleaning fluid designed specifically for those wood types. Exercise caution when pressure washing, as it may not be suitable for all types of wood.

Treating Wood Furniture:

Apply a wood treatment annually to protect against rot and weather damage. For a natural, aged look, opt for clear hardwood or teak oil that allows the wood to develop a patina over time. If you prefer a fresher appearance, use a stained oil treatment. Alternatively, wood paint can provide a solid colour transformation. Before applying any treatment, lightly sand the furniture first, then apply the product in the direction of the wood grain.


Rattan Garden Furniture Care:

Synthetic rattan is designed to withstand exposure to UV rays and weather conditions, requiring minimal maintenance. Regular wiping with soapy water can help preserve its appearance. For non-aluminium frames, treat them similarly to how you would care for metal furniture.

Metal Garden Furniture Maintenance:

Clean metal furniture using soapy water or a low-pressure washer. While aluminium pieces don't rust, they may develop an oxidized look over time, which can be prevented through regular cleaning. If steel furniture gets scratched, promptly address the scratches to avoid rusting by using steel wool and applying a protective metal paint.

Protecting and Storing Outdoor Furniture:

Durable hardwood or metal furniture can remain outside during winter if properly treated. Use waterproof covers or elevate the pieces to prevent water damage and rot. Tilt the furniture to allow water to run off. If possible, store furniture in a shed or garage over winter. If leaving it outside, ensure thorough cleaning and protection before the cold season sets in.