New Year's Resolutions...Chessington Garden Centre Inspired

Leave garden neglect in 2022 


  • Remember to plant bulbs early enough in the year for a great flowering season: The best times to do this depends on the bulb:

- Plant spring-flowering bulbs such as hyacinths, daffodils and crocus before the end of September

- Plant tulips in November

- Plant hardy summer-flowering bulbs such as alliums, lilies, and crocosmia in September and October

- Plant tender summer-flowering bulbs, including gladioli in early spring

- Plant autumn-flowering bulbs, such as nerines, by late summer


  • Grow more fruit and vegetables - Grow your own tomatoes, cucumbers, courgettes, and strawberries and enjoy fresh natural fruit and vegetables throughout the summer period.
  • Grow your own herbs - choose from our range of planters and make a herb garden. Basil, rosemary, coriander, and chives are the best to grow at home as they are the most common fresh herbs.
  • Keep on top of weeds - Don't wait until your garden is out of control, getting rid of plant waste can be a hassle and an overwhelming job to cut back when extremely overgrown.
  • Keep on top of watering your houseplants (no more killing plants!) - if you struggle with keeping houseplants alive, simply don't keep as many or try to keep them all in places you usually go to in the house. Incorporate watering your plants at a certain time of the day such as after eating breakfast. Make sure to drain your plants and the trays every now and again to stop them sitting in water. 

Eat Well, and Try Something New

  • Choose local high-quality meat and food:

- Enjoy flavoursome meat - prepared by our Sedum Butchers in-house using the best ingredients. We have a great range of pre-marinated meats making dinner times quick and tasty, as well as a large range of un-marinated meats ready to be transformed by you at home. 

- Have you ever wondered why chicken seems to shrink in the oven? Did you know...chicken from a supermarket is plumped with water to give the meat its weight and larger appearance, this evaporates when cooked making it look smaller. Meat from our butchers has not - all the meat you see is pure meat, giving you more for your money! 

  • Try new flavours with high-quality food in our Sedum Farm Shop and Butchers:

- Try the Mexican chicken keivs with basmati rice and a corn on the cob for an easy flavour filled dinner

- Choose some of the fantastic frozen bake at home pastries from Field Fare for a fresh delicious breakfast

- We also recommend the smoked salmon and crème fraiche quiche from The Original Baker with salad from our fresh fruit and veg corner

Getting Ready For the Summer

  • Don't wait until the peak of summer to start thinking about replacing your old outdoor living set: Find big deals on new sets in our sales!


  • Attend to upkeeping your set all year round - if you can, keep it in a conservatory away from damp and dirt outside.


  • Use the pressure washer on any patio area every once in a while, as well as remove the moss and weeds from around the patio stones.