It is the perfect time of year to be at one with nature, get outdoors, and breathe some fresh air. This year more than most I am sure you have been outside, enjoying your space more and more. However, have you ever taken time to appreciate the nature around you? Take some time and enjoy the tweeting of the birds or the flutter of new life in the garden. 

Birds love elements of our garden we take for granted and bring some much more life to your outside space. Here are a few tips to attract more birds and more importantly keep them happy. It's nice to be nice, and that includes the wildlife in your garden.

What can I plant to attract more birds?

There are so many natural elements to a garden that attracts wildlife and non more important than plants and food. Birds are a key ingredient to a garden, they control the ecosystem, raise their young, they might even sing a nice song. That is why it's so important to give them a reason to come back. You don't have to do a lot to nurture the birds, they will usually take care of themselves.

Cotoneaster, Perennial asters, and Pyracantha to name a few are fantastic additions to the garden. By planting a wide variety in your garden it attracts more bugs and intern birds, looking for a natural source of food. Anything that grows berries also will do nicely, apple trees, holly, fruit berries will leave the birds spoilt for choice.

Every bird needs a home

A home is as important as food and bird boxes provide lovely little houses for smaller birds in your garden. Bird boxes are such a great activity to make with the kids or you can purchase them in-store. These boxes offer birds the chance to have a rest, set up a camp and often provide mothers a place to protect their young. 

Fancy a drink?

Just like me and you, everyone loves a drink of some sort, that doesn't change with birds. A birdbath is a fantastic way to ensure wildlife stay hydrated and can get access to free water for drinking and occasionally taking a quick dip. A nifty little tip is to keep an eye out for frozen water in the winter months and pour warm water over to ensure they can have access all year round.

Bird Feeders

We have run some amazing bird feeder classes before and hope to do so again soon. In the meantime, you can take so many household items, a cup, a saucer, an empty flower pot, to create a lovely little menu for the birds. It's even more important in the winter months when natural food is not as readily available.