The purpose of our cheese collection, here at the farmshop, is to bring a broad range of premium quality products within easy reach of our customers.

Think of us as a route to market for small, artisan producers across the country. We can call on years of experience in the cheese market to source some of the U.K.’s finest, award- winning examples.

We aim to have something for everybody. From delicate goat’s milk cheeses that are only a few days old, to hard cheddar styles that take at least two years to reach maturity; we have a kaleidoscope of textures and flavours to share with you.

A resurgent U.K. cheese market, makes us proud to showcase British produce, but no cheese collection would be complete if it did not include some continental classics. You can expect to find everything from the infamous Stinking Bishop to a classic comte all under one roof.

Wherever possible we try to source our products from local suppliers. Here we have two wonderful examples of local cheeses.

  • This is Golden Cross from Greenacres Farm in East Sussex. It’s an ash coated, mould ripened goats’ milk cheese, that’s wonderfully balanced. I’ve been selling this cheese for a number of years now and I think that its’ consistent quality is testament to the skill of Kevin and Alison Blunt, as cheesemakers. This is a very sophisticated cheese – it doesn’t have any of the heady notes that people associate with goat’s cheese. I’m looking forward to trying this with the cuvee brut that we have just sourced from Greyfriars vineyard in Surrey.


  • Another local favourite of mine is this cheddar style cheese called Winterdale Shaw. This award winning cheese is made by Robin and Carla Betts at The Winterdale Cheese Barn in Sevenoaks. It has classic green apple acidic notes and pairs wonderfully with some of the craft ales we have in stock.

I’m really taken by these cheeses as the makers have their own herds of either goats or cows. They’re completely dedicated to what they are doing and importantly they have complete control over what goes into their cheeses and how they are made.

Stop by and have a chat with us about the cheeses, we’re always happy to talk about food! We can help you with cheese parings – which wines or beers would best compliment or even build a cheese board selection with you to suit an occasion.