For many of us, the most exciting part of Christmas is decorating. We buy new items each year and continue to reuse old sentimental decorations that are stored in the loft each year. Whether you decorate your tree with lots of baubles, tinsel, lights, or foliage, we have now officially opened our Christmas shop and have a large selection of beautiful decor to make your Christmas extra special!


A unique way of decorating your Christmas tree is to take a selection of artificial flowers and thread them into the layers, this only works with trees with lots of layers and leaves. Pick out colours from the room to theme your Christmas decorations. It works best if you decide on 1 or 2 main colours or 3 to 4 shades of one colour. This way you won't have colour clashes. In our Christmas shop, we have a range of colour themes to help you, each of these themes has their own artificial flowers and foliage. For example, our winter crystal range includes ice whites, shimmery blues, silvers and navy. 


To make your home super classy, pick one colour of Christmas lights and stick to it. For example, don't put up multicoloured lights with white lights and blue lights. Only do this kind of mix if you're matching a room or going for a vibrant fun look. Check out our range of Christmas lights here

Christmas Trees

Picking the right tree is so important. It can also be really exciting! Our real Christmas trees arrive at the end of November so you have the choice of real or artificial. We have a range of decorated, snowy, and plain trees to choose from, come in-store to see our display.


The main benefits of getting a real tree are a fresh aroma they bring to your house, the beautiful natural look with soft firs, and the individuality of the tree that you choose. The benefits of artificial trees are that you can reuse them year after year, position the 'branches' however you want, and not have to get rid of them after Christmas is over.


Check out our range of artificial trees here

Home Decor

You shouldn't just limit your Christmas decorations to the main tree room. Decorate the whole house and create a sense of magic.


When deciding on home decor, think about the items you already have, it can be very easy to get carried away and buy similar things to what we already have. Also, think about your colour scheme and style. If your style is fun and vibrant, you can choose decor with bright reds, greens and golds, whereas if your style is contemporary and airy, we'd suggest going for white, beige and neutral-coloured decor. Choosing quirky pieces can really add character to your home. We recommend the Three Kings Large RockGonk and our Alpha Rat as fun statement pieces to sit beside your Christmas tree (also available in store).


Check out our range online here


Come in store to see and purchase baubles. We have a large range in 5 different colour themes and styles, so whatever style your home is, we have baubles for it!

Find everything you could ever want or need in our Christmas shop. Visit our social pages to see our Christmas shop or pop in to take a look!