Keeping yourself busy

This month brings us the longest day of the year and we cannot wait. Longest day of the year can only mean one thing, longest day in the garden. We hope by now things are coming along nicely in your garden, flowers have blossomed, crops have been harvested and you've been keeping onto of those weeds.

Our top tip this month is stay on top of things. It really is that simple. Lots of newly planted shrubs will be establishing themselves and making your garden their home so check them daily and water if the soil is dry.

We also recommend hardening off any bedding plants and move your hanging baskets to avoid them becoming too long, they might need a little trim. Your snow-bells, bluebells, fuchsias and sweet peas should all be blooming nicely, definitely keep an eye out on them and trim where needed to encourage even more blooming at this stage.

Your Veg Garden is coming on nicely...

Your spuds, tomatoes, salad crops, cabbages you name it should all be coming along nicely and those of you who started earlier this year will be reaping those rewards.

One of our Outdoor Plants Manager, Mike gives us the little details that really help during this time. "Keep the compost of any newly planted containers moist, but do not over water. This can squeeze our the oxygen and prevents the tubers from swelling. He continues "Pinch your tomatoes, harvest your salad crops and don't forget the onions"

Even House Plants need some love

Those who have been building their indoor jungle will know the struggle of keeping everything alive. Most importantly don't forget those herbs this June. With the heat continuing make sure you remember to pick and sow your herbs. Pick and sow herbs. They’re so easy to grow, whether in beds, borders, containers or on windowsills. We have found that our herbs grow at their best in a well-drained, moisture-retentive space that really lets in the light.

Show Stopper Plants for June...

If you’re after some well needed colour in your garden this June then here are our top 4 favourites.


Celius Rose