Event Date: 2nd & 23rd June

Event Price: £45 per ticket

This session will give you all the information you need before embarking on your own beekeeper journey. This course is designed for adults who are interested in all things beekeeping, this 2 -2:30 hour class is designed to attract those who have a keen interest and those who may just be starting their journey.

During this class, you will be shown the basics of Beekeeping from a trained Beekeeping professional which will start with a small introduction before you put on the necessary Beekeeping PPE and take a look at a real-life hive we have here on site with a colony of bees inside. 

Learn about beekeeping and the potential to purchase your bees, hive and equipment and get yourself set up!

We will provide the necessary bee-keeping PPE bee suit to use for the duration of the session. You will also receive a complimentary pot of Surrey Honey made from the Bees at the Surrey Honey Farms.

The interactive beekeeping experience will also include an educational piece on the conservation aspects of why we need to provide homes for feral honeybee colonies that we traditionally know as bee swarms. TreeBeeRescue highlights the honey production side of the traditional hobbyist’s beekeeping ethos and in these modern times where we need to go for environmental conservation, which is not necessarily more beekeeping but promotes more of a custodial ethos.  We need to become custodians of a natural asset and not only users of a food production process that was kicked off during the two world wars and is now being called into question more and more as the environmental movements take hold.

Spaces are limited so don't miss out!