Inspired by our Orchid workshop run by Dr. Manos Kanellos. Here are some tips and advice for keeping your orchid healthy and thriving year after year.

Did you know...there are 28,000 species of orchid that have been identified, the orchids available in shops are usually the Phalaenopsis orchids and you can purchase them in a range of colours, even artificial colours such as blue. An orchid is a very popular choice for many of us, we're here to help you keep it alive!

Hydrate Your Plant


- A clear pot works well for orchids so that you can see the roots and check on the colour


- Water up to 3/4 of the pot, the roots should become green


- Needs plenty of drainage, as well as emptying out the main pot to prevent the plant from sitting in water

Let The Light In


Like all houseplants a key factor to keeping them healthy is light


⁃ Orchids like light but don’t like direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will damage the tissues and may scorch it.


⁃ Keep them south-facing during November and December


⁃ When droopiness appears, it’s modifying its growth to absorb more light

High Humidity Is Best


⁃ Like all houseplants with tropical origin they like high humidity


⁃ Spray 4 or 5 times a week with orchid spray which you can find in our garden centre


- Spray the leaves and bark as the flowers won’t absorb the spray


- We advise to keep your orchid in a kitchen or bathroom, as the regular steam from cooking and showers will keep it in the best health

Before we give away all of the tips and advice, we'd love you to come to the next orchid and terrarium workshops held on March the 25th with Dr. Manos Kanellos. Find out more and book here