What is dry aging and how does it work?

Dry aging is providing the perfect climate for meat to age giving it a full flavour and tenderising it through the process. But it's way more detailed than that so keep reading to find out the science, pros & cons, and how we use it here at Chessington Garden Centre in our Sedum Butchers.

Dry Aging

The main factor to dry aging is consistency. A dry ager controls the decomposition so that the meat ages rather than rots.

It creates an air flow that causes the meat to form a crust whilst its humidity control helps slow down the migration of moisture, this prevents the natural juices from running out.

The temperature control then stops the meat from spoiling.

To put in simpler terms, perfect meat takes time and precision.

Our Dry Ager

There's nothing better than sitting down to a meal and tasting a rich, tender, tasty piece of meat.

In our Sedum Butchers, we have a dry ager to age some of our  meat in our Butchers, perfect for any occasion or just to make those Sunday roasts extra special!

Just ask our butchers for more information and how long the current pieces have been aged for.